Minicar LOLO, Mini AC Cobra Shooting

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Mini Classic Car LOLO and Electric Mini AC Cobra that can run in action from Trike Factory, which develops and sells fun vehicles that can play with cars like anything you dreamed of when you were a child, such as Mini Jeep Big Force and Small River Strike Wonit, are now on sale.

Car inspection, garage certification is not required, of course, public roads can also be traveled.

That Arco-san was going to shoot a promotional movie, so I was called as a steel photographer.

Minicar LOLO, Mini AC Cobra Shooting

Mini AC Cobra

Mini AC Cobra is an electric and mini electric vehicle.
A mini electric car based on the concept of the British supercar AC Cobra of the 1960s, which is popular among car lovers.
Because this model is very small, it was a feeling like for women, but I felt that it was also good for mobility for city riding to enjoy the hobby of the adult of the elderly who retired from the ordinary car.

Mini AC Cobra
Mini AC Cobra

I tried riding too.

Heights on the ground130mm
Net weight190kg
Maximum load weight150kg
Front Tire Sizes400-10
Rear Tire Sizes400-10
Brakes on the front wheelsDisc (
Rear brakeDisc (
Maximum speed (km/h)48Km/h
Wheel materialAluminum alloy
Type of batteryLead-free 60V/52Ah
Rated power590W
Vehicle dimensions (L x W x H)2499*1150*800 (2650)
Wheelbase (number)980
Charging time6 to 8H to 10h
Full-charge endurance (distance)50Km
Minimum radius of rotation8m
Parking BrakesDisk
Name of manufacturerTrike Factory
Name of the modelMini AC Cobra
Framed materialSteel Tubes
For specification details, please contact Trike Factory Japan.

LOLO (song)

LOLO is a vintage car type compact mobility of gasoline engine.
I’m not familiar with cars, so I don’t know what model it is, but even if I look at it, it’s like a classic car like Seven, and it was cool mobility that I want to ride when I go to shoot in the city.
I’m going to come out to Mario Kart (laughs)

LOLO (song)
LOLO (song)

Price of the vehicle

The price of both mini cobras and LOLO is 598,000 yen (excluding tax).
Compared to a real classic car, it’s very good value, isn’t it?
Because the maintenance cost is not so much because the car inspection and the garage proof are not needed, I think that it may be a mobility and a second car of the city ride which does not ride far.

Mini Cobra and LOLO are handled by Trike Factory, a developer in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture.

Personal small mobility to be attracting more attention in the future

In addition, I think that such personal small mobility will increase rapidly in the future for a little outing and hobby drive while the accident of the elderly increases and the news of the license return is often seen.
Toyota is also shifting to a mobility company, so I think that the transportation method of the form different from the private car up to now will become generalized one after another.
Personally, I think that it is good that small mobility such as rubber tends not to be damaged even if the safety device is attached and the speed which is easy to ride does not come out so much, and it collides a little, and it does not hurt is popular for the elderly.

Personal Small Mobility
Personal Small Mobility Personal Small Mobility


The movie of the mini cobra and the loro of Arco’s photography & editing is here.

If you are interested, please contact Trike Factory.




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