7/18, 7/23 BY MYSELF POPUP

STUDIO BY MYSELF, a self-portrait photo studio, is now open!


On June 1, we opened STUDIO BY MYSELF, a storeless, on-site, self photo studio.

Self-photo studios are a hot topic right now, with self-photo studios becoming popular in Korea and opening somewhere in Japan every week in 2021.
In Seoul, there are more than 50 self-service photo studios, and in Japan, the number of self-service photo studios has increased to nearly 50 nationwide.

Self-portraits at self-portraits studios are taken with a remote shutter release using a professional photographer’s equipment while you watch yourself on a monitor.
You can take high quality photos at your own pace as much as you like.
This is the usual introduction to a self-shooting studio, but BY MYSELF’s self-shooting has many interesting features.
So far, everyone who has participated has left with a lot of laughs.

BY MYSELF will be holding pop-up events in a variety of locations, unlike the store-based selfie studios, so I look forward to collaborating with new spaces every time.

The first BY MYSELF pop-up event, held on June 5 and 6, was held at Studio Adamas Osu in Osu, which just opened on May 31.

During the event, we collaborated with NESTAL and set up a booth with the Mug Shot background from BTS Butter’s music video, where people could use the selfie machine with K-POP music playing in the background.

The second pop-up, held from June 17 to 23, was held at Kinari’s space in Yabacho.
We were able to make special use of a secret space that we were not able to open in Corona Super.

For the second pop-up, we evolved the color backgrounds and lighting so that users can touch and feel the fun of shooting.
We also did a self-maternity shoot.

And the special booth was a life-size Barbie doll box.
It was handmade by my sister.

And during the event, two collaborative events were held.

The first was the “Nestal Lounge Party with Bymyself x N82”. The first was a “Nestal Lounge Party with Bymyself x N82”, a collaboration between N82’s pop-up and BY MYSELF’s selfie shoot, where DJs played K-HIPHOP and K-POP in the evening hours under Korean-style neon lights.
It was like a stylish Korean cafe.

The second collaboration was a triple-collaboration of Party Photographer x Drag Queen Lyra x BY MYSELF, where I invited Drag Queen Lyra as a guest and rented her my shooting outfit.

I realized that drag queens and cosplay are a perfect match for BY MYSELF’s on-site selfie studio.

And on June 27th, I delivered BY MYSELF’s selfie machine to the NESTAL event held at Shibuya WOMB.

We also used lighting to create a club-like atmosphere.

We also traveled to lunch events, nail salons, self-conditioning salons, and Italian restaurants to play with the selfie machine with various people.

In July, we are planning to hold a pop-up event at KESHIKI GALLERY, where we will offer selfie machines for business trips and home delivery rentals.
After that, we will have a selfie studio in Kumamoto.

We will continue to evolve our service as a new way to have fun using photographic equipment made by professional photographers.

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